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  1. Can anyone make an identification on this fish? Thinking some sort of puffer?
  2. Hey all, I was a member of the forum before (and probably still am, just forgot my username and all that from years ago) and I figured I'd give everyone an update of the fishing. Fished this past weekend at IRI, 3R's, and Fenwick Island, the focus was Old Inlet's spring tournament. Got down on Friday around noonish and did the paperwork for my license and registration for the tourney while my cousin (fishin' partner in crime) got his drive on. After the legal side of things were done, we hit the suds down at Fenwick: 1 kingfish in about an hour fishing and some other small bites that we didn't get a pick up on. Eventually went up to IRI and fished for tautog on the closing day; about 6 or 7 of them. My cousin and I grabbed some more bait and then a bite to eat, but immediately went back to the fishing for the incoming tide. We split off (as he has rock spikes and I don't); him going to the inlet and myself going to the upper part of 3R's. Nothing for my cuz at the inlet; 2 nice sized doggies in the surf. Were going to call it a night when we felt the fishing was gonna be good at the inlet.... so we hit the inlet once more until about 4:00 AM. Four nice stripers, all between 29" and 40". After only about an hour and a half of sleep in the truck, we headed down to FI for the start of the tourney. Not many fish being caught around us, few blues here and there. I caught something (I recognized it, but didn't know what it was called), which brings me to my first pic below. Can anyone identify? (sorry, couldn't get a better pic). Eventually hooked up with a nice striper (38", 20 lbs, my biggest striper to date) and landed him. Cousin also caught a blowfish and had a few nice hits, but nothing to avail. Fishing was slow, but the striper ended up landing me 3rd place in the spring tourney. Hope everyone in the tourney had at least some pullage! Hoping to get back down in two weeks for Memorial Day weekend to hit the suds!