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  1. If you're not familiar, the bridge is on 50.
  2. For bait, you want to stay away from the tackle shops. There's a fresh fish market on the island, just over the bridge, at Surf City Crab. You can buy fresh whole fish. Don't buy anything that's been gutted and/or cleaned. Spanish Mackeral and Sheep's Head works well with Yaked baits, and Drum works well in the surf (at least waist deep) after night fall. Good luck. Be sure to give us an update.
  3. Thanks. Will do.
  4. It sure is. The only states that have recently passed anti-shark fishing laws are Delaware and Florida.
  5. Okay. I'll broaden the topic some. Does anyone in NC shark fish from the beach? If so, where at?
  6. For anyone not familiar with Topsail, it's located in the Wilmington area.
  7. Every summer, I make a trip down to Topsail Island, North Carolina. We tried shark fishing for the first time last year, and had a blast. Does anyone know any shark hot spots on the island? We are happy with 6 footers in the surf at night; however, my goal is yaking out for a healthy Bull, Tiger, or Hammerhead. I hope someone here is familiar with the island.