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  1. This motor has been SOLD!
  2. Sounds like a plan good luck:happy7:
  3. Whats reasonable? I do not have one for sale but Gene Reynolds makes very nice racks he is Bethany Beach and has several sizes and options. Another option is if you know someone that welds aluminum? If so buy the materials from a shop I know of one with very nice prices and have it made to your specs, if not I know someone that might help you with it here Rocks&Reds builds racks and sand spikes who might be able to hook you up. I forget the name of the aluminum place but they are on e-bay right in MD. I could get the name for you if you need it no problem GREAT DEALS.
  4. Hey Dave sorry about the circumstances for sale, maybe you did not post any details about the place because you realy want to keep the place. It looks to be a trailer? Is the lot it sits on rent free or is there a monthly fee? How big is the lot ? How much are you asking? Thanks and good luck
  5. We appreciate the heads up I guess I got to drill holes in rack and transfere tag onto rack everytime I drive with the rack on, don't know of another way to avoid it, its a shame since only use about 10 times a year didnt think it was that big of deal with the police.
  6. What was the initial stop for? Your sticker or blocked tag? So if for sticker yu produced the documentation proving yu were legal then he went around and checked out the rack? That just not right! Did he give any type of solution to the problem? I might have to fight that one in court if not to much of inconvenience he proly wont even show.
  7. Wow that bites, it hasn't happened to me yet but my tag is only partially blocked by my rack. Where were you?
  8. We postponed our trip, Heard good reports if you got out early bad reports as day went on. Heard of alot of people opting to fish from shore with bloodworms and did very very well. Depended on where you launched and fished. The good thing is if yu were able to get out of the wind yu were going to catch so the fish are there. I know people who went out just to turn around and come back wind waves and others had no problem catching thier limit by 9am.........................?????????
  9. This is a great motor, very low hours and has been well maintained actually never been in the shop. Starts and runs fine. I bought this motor new, it had a long shaft and I had it switched over to a short shaft to fit my application Comes with 6 gallon portable tank and hose assembly, lube grease and fogger spray. Model # SE15RPLY considered a commercial grade sailboat motor. $1000.00
  10. Test Casts: wind in face 15mph, Cow field taped out 300 ft and marked it. 5 oz stuffed in the tennis ball was consistently 80 to 90yrds. 6oz stuffed in tennis ball consistently 95 to 105yrds actually really put some backbone in a few that went a little further but I gotta save my back for the beach not the cow pies. Reel used is a penn 704z 17lb mono with a 50lb shock leader. I really like this rod and the real test will be with 6-8 and modified heads off the beach! Come on MAY!!!!!
  11. I think it is dry enough now that I can get it back on the field. Hopefully after attaching the hardware to the rod it hasn't changed the rods performance. The wraps are not any where near perfect, I found out real quick after applying the color presevative that some of the wraps were not tight enough to prevent bleed thrus. If I had thought it would have had an adverse effect on the strength of the wrap I would have re-done but since I think it is only a color thing I think it turned out pretty cool as it looks like a marbeling of the black and red threads instead of just the red. The Threadmaster epoxy is so clear (as of now) that it brings out the shine and shows all the defects in the wrap ten fold. Not a big issue with me and will post up results of the test casts ............ Thanks all
  12. Thanks Steve Z, I was going to PM you and let yu know I had posted some pics. Spring is coming!!!!!
  13. Ok it's been awhile, heck everyones got them winter time blues! So with some good advice here I decided to wrap and or build the 1502 myself. Trial and error is the name of this game and even though it aint perfecto it is very fishable. Any way finished this week and wanted to thank everyone who encouraged me to do this on my own, Phone books and stands work well, I did get a drying motor, static deflection tests work well even though time consuming, casting tests after deflection tests went very well 100 to 120yrds with 6oz inside tennis ball without putting any effort into it, just reflecting on the work that goes into the build before wrapping the guides to the rod any way here are the pics. Quality of the pics well, at least you get the jist of the rod. Built as a Spinner 50,40,30,25,20,16 and 16 tip top. Thanks for everyones help!