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  1. went to oc this saturday. I was lucky enough to find pealers for bait. went to the south jetty just at the tide change. the taug bite was on. we ended up with one drum and one taug and surounded by a very diverse group of people.
  2. The inlet was loaded with snapper blues. Shure is fun playing with them though. Went out to site 10 on Sunday afternoon. had little success. With the current chill in the air the rock fish can't be to far away. ( At least one can hope.)
  3. Although it was quite windy on friday afternoon this was my only chance to go . To darn windy to for my little boat to make it out to the sites so again i was forced to stay inshore . I shouldn't complain this time of year the number of boats are greatly reduced . With the wind out of the east at 20mph and an out going tide the inlet produced but 1 9inch fluke . ( thank you Ron for saving me from the skunk. ) On the way home I realized that I don't know this body of water as well as I could. It's time for some recon. ( If I can put down the fishing pole long enough. )
  4. Went out friday with my son to the IRI . Tried to get out to site 10 but the chop just outside the inlet proved to be to much for the little man . So we turned around to see what the inshore had to provide . On the incoming tide we started our drift just east of the coast guard station . The wind and tide would bring us back twards the marina . Water depths ran from 75 feet to 12 feet . Just past the coast guard station in about 30 feet of water Mr Flattie could no longer resist the glup my son was draging along the bottom . He managed to reel in a 17 incher . Nice . After the release we focused our attention in that area for one more drift . It was my turn to have Mr Flattie on the line . This time it turned uot to be a nice 19 incher . (That ended up on the floor of my cooler.) Then i heard " Well dad , I caught one and you caught one , we should go home now." Rather than ruin his spirits I agread . Travle time 50 min , time on the water 45 min , getting to spend that time with my son , worth every penny .
  5. Went out saturday afternoon. Caught a lot of 16 inch flounder but no keepers. Still far better than being land locked.
  6. thanks i'll give that a try this week end.
  7. Went out to the B bouy Sunday. Came home empty handed but caught lots of small sea bass. Still a good time to be on the water.