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  1. Hey CG thanks for the info I was grossed out by them just dont trust anything like that so i hope it doesnt get into any other rivers i fish.
  2. Just thought I would let everyone know, I went to tuckahoe today and caught my limit of nice 10in and up Yellow Perch. I was so happy, I finally got to go and actually and gotem. The Big problem was when I cleaned them I found they were full of FLESH EATING WORMS I ATTACHED A PHOTO OF ONE TOOK OUT, I streched it out almost 5in long
  3. thanks for the info was all set to go try and the lower unit was making a serious noise, So took it to a shop and low and behold bad gears so until it gets fixed im on the shore
  4. Has anyone been catching any yellow perch yet in the Susquehanna ?
  5. Now there is a nice real catch well done
  6. Has anyone have any truth to someone catching an 80lb bluefin tuna, off the beach on assategue recently?