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  1. Participate in one of our shark tagging expeditions! More than just an adventure, this educational shark tagging expedition takes you into a world that few can ever experience. The world of sharks! <acronym title="Ocean City"><acronym title="Ocean City"><acronym title="Ocean City"><acronym title="Ocean City">OC</acronym></acronym></acronym></acronym> Shark Encounter's exclusive shark tagging expeditions will provide a safe and exciting offshore voyage to learn the habits and biology of sharks and participate in the collection of important shark data. A very important part of our shark adventure is education. You will be presented with fascinating facts about shark biology and behavior, about ocean life and conservationissues. Each guest will take part in the shark fishing and tagging process and can become an ambassador for conservation, an experience that will last well past the day of the expedition. An estimated 60 percent of the world sharks have been killed and the numbers continue to rapidly decline. Through a personal encounter we hope to show the beauty and importance of sharks, and that sharks have much more to fear from us than we do from them. A healthy ocean needs sharks, and they need out understanding and protection. 2012 Shark Tagging Expedition Dates - ocsharkencounters.com