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  1. Same thing over on the other sites like VBSF.NET.Local drum season is over and stripers are not going yet, so everybody is chillin'. Either that, or everybody is hibernating until after the election!!!!
  2. Right after 9/11,GW Bush was highly popular.By the end of his second term, even Republicans wanted to disassociate with him! I think many lifelong Democrats are feeling the same about Barack Hussein Obama now at the end of one term. Anybody else feel that way? It's Mitt Romney for me. This morning, I think it was ABC said that D.Trump was rumored to have some big "October Suprise" for Mr.Obama. Personally, I wish Donald Trump would go back to being a billionaire and not try to screw up the rest of the country. I don't think Romney NEEDS an October Suprise! Thanks for letting me vent there. I will be glad when the whole disgusting campaign will be over, win, lose, or draw! BA
  3. Back Bay NWR will be closed this Friday and Saturday for a deer/feral pig hunt. Those that usually inhabit (or perhaps,"HAUNT",is the right word?!?!) willl need to hit the pier or the northern beach. BA "GO,GO,GO AWAY,OBAMA!" An undecided voter is one that is not sure if they are voting FOR Mitt Romney or AGAINST Barack Hussein Obama!
  4. Thanks,everybody! I grew up with linen lines and such, up until we started using Ande around here. That stuff is fine for most applications, but awfully stiff when casting for distance. I think I am going to spool up this week with HiSeas Black Widow and try it...I have a three day giant blue catfish trip on Virginia's James River...I want the big girl from shore!!! BA
  5. I have fished this year using 20lb test Lime Green Hi Seas Mono. I have used it with my usual shock line, on my usual heaver reels (Abu 8600, Abu 6500Cs ,Tica Geminis). Have used them on my usual rods at the beach casting 8nbait and other fun stuff. Now, the problems are: I end up changing line every other week because of "crinkly" feeling to the line, many nicks and loss of general "look" of the line. Knot strength goes away QUICK after one standard all day cast-a-rama in the I have also lost numerous drum,sharks, and mystery fish because this line failed during fights. I have also cast off more lead and rigs this year than I have in forty-plus years of heaver fishing. NOT COOL. As far as pluses go: Cost is under ten bucks for a 1/4 lb spool, and you get a LOT of line on it. Things I have checked: Knots Guides Reel loading with new line. Basically all the tricks an old dog knows. NOW I am afraid I have either gotten bad karma, or bad line....I think it is bad line. Anybody else have problems with this line? BA:drunken_smilie:
  6. Expect there will be many of you out in the rain the next three days looking for fish. Best of luck to you. Andrew K.: The other site is down...Are you still having the workshop on surf fishing at BBNWR Saturday? I will likely be at that other spot during dark hours and back down there at first light....or so is my plan so far. BA
  7. Got nine in West Neck Creek last week with chartreuse bodies on 1/32 oz jigs in about 45 minutes. I left 'em "snapping". Should slay 'em now on minnows. The jig is a great searching tool, which will then give you an idea where to ambush them with the livies! Dress warm and go get 'em! BA
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome! When you say Dutch Gap, are we talking bank fishing? I am strictly bank fishing with my five and seven year old grandsons now...their mother knows my "boating history" and forbids them to get on a boat with me! The nerve! And ,hey,Andrew! Caught nine nice yellow perch here in VB Saturday and one 4lb catfish in about an hour. Perch were into the chartreuse 1/32 oz jig, catfish liked nightcrawler. I think the challenge of catching fish in the winter is what keeps me from hibernating with many local anglers (let 'em hibernate, I say...A little cold is worth having your spots to yourself!) God bless and Happy New Year to All! BA
  9. If you are ever on the VBSF.NET site, give a shout out to my nephew, the Red Loon. He makes his own saltwater flies, and they are professional looking. He can give you tips on use and styles.This is not an advertisement. He is a cop, and does it for fun and relaxation. BA
  10. "Google" up "Virginia Beach Bluefin Tuna" and see the big boys being caught within two miles of Virginia Beach. RIGHT NOW. BA
  11. Reply to self... Fished Chickahominy, Lone Star Lakes, stopped at Lawrence Lewis Pier, Petersburg Point, Fort Monroe Pier...Basically took a tour of the James River bank fishing locals. Had one good run on eel, saw one white perch caught, my crew had eight or nine rods out at different locales...and caught nothing. My live bait (small bream) were not the ticket, at least the spots we fished. Oh well... Happy New Years to All! BA
  12. It being winter and me fishing surf and piers all the time now, I move the show west,up the James River, this time of year. I have fished up on the Chickahominy with Andrew K, but we have yet to find any blue cats over 7 or 8 lbs, which James River Catmen wouldn't even mention. Since I am new on this site (even though I recognize most of the user names from other sites) I was wondering if anyone has had bank fishing success up that way? I have a half dozen smallish panfish I have in my aquarium for the next trip "out west." Appreciate any comeback. BA