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  1. i was thinking of night crawlers, just didn't know how well they'd work. gonn put together a bunch of rigs for the boys....they wiped out my supply last time we did one of these trips! but its always fun...at least one of the boys (or dads) always catches his first fish. our plan is to rotate the boys...half hiking half fishing. we have a few of them that can fish all day, but most are only into it for half an hour. the last thing i want to do is ruin someone else's fishing time..
  2. it's always nice when the boys actually catch fish...we were at elk neck the same time last year and didn't do so well. so i'm glad to hear there will probably be some spot around. always fun (i still like catching them too) maybe we'll have a little fish fry usually we try to get them to sleep and a couple of us dads sneak out for some night fishing....will defiantely keep some spot for that!
  3. I'm leading a bunch of cub scouts to Sandy Point SP for a weekend camping trip over Mother's Day weekend (we thought the best gift we could give the moms was geting the boys out of the house!) I was wondering if I could get a little advice for fishing at the park. I know that its supposed to be great for stripers in the spring, but I was wondering about shore access for 30 or so youngsters (and of course some dads). I'd like to make sure our boys get a chance to fish, but I also want to be careful we don't ruin anyone else's day. Any pointers would be appreciated on where to go. Also, I was thinking of just getting blood worms but I'm open to any suggestions. I've never fished in that area of the bay and I want to make sure the boys at least have a chance of cathing something wheter it be stripers or perch or whatever else might be around. Thanks!!
  4. awesome! i am trying to get the guy who we go tuna fishing with let me take a yak out. maybe soem hooters girls would help persuade him better than I can!
  5. not too many rhodie guys around here. been up there a few times (my cousin is in the CG in newport). we tried along the rocks at soem places that looks very fishy, but never did that well. some guys from work and i went on the gail francis in feb for cod. what a miserable trip! too many new yorkers! they had that boat so overloaded all we did was catch the other side of the boat. lucky for me, they transferred my cousin to key west.....
  6. we were down there this time last year. the fort clinch pier was closed for construction so I fished the surf across from best western. only managed one kingfish on shrimp. Also caught a few cbass on the north shore of the fort in the river. i was a little disappointed but it sure is a beautiful place!
  7. wow...awesome fish! there's nothing better than when your kids outfish you! keeps them (and you) coming back for more.
  8. thanks, checked out kayak kevin, man he's got the life! well, if they don't sell bait at least i'll be able to get some eats! can't wait to get down there
  9. i agree! looks like some of those rods don't have reels....maybe he's rough on equipment! have you guys seen theyaks that have the trolling motor mounted between your legs? they had one at the shop where i bought mine. they had another with pedals and the lower unit of a trolling motor underneath, similar to a hobie but with a prop. kind of defeats the purpose in my mind. i guess its like the compund v crossbow debate....
  10. i tried to make crab stuffed flounder not too long ago. it was totally gross and we had to throw it out. i think the crab meat did something to it, the fillets were clean and smelled fine prior to cooking.
  11. lol like a grizzly 'snuggie' like the ads on tv
  12. thinking of taking my new yak out around elk neck tuesday. anybody hear any reports from that area? i really just want to get the yak wet, but if i could add a fish or too so much the better! a dumb question....during the early c&r season, are you allowed to use bait or just lures?
  13. guess i'll have to get down there then! can you launch a yak from the island with the pier or do you have to launch from shore? do they sell bait at the pier?