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  1. I wonder if creek chubs would work for bait, they sorta look like mullet
  2. the water temp doesnt seem to mater its the salt water that really thaws it. it takes about 30sec to thaw
  3. good tip on the bait, i will def hit the asian store. I have been shooting the launcher alot and seems to be working great, with 75lb of air i hooked it up to my rig and ran out all but one wrap of line. can i get more line on if i use a braided line? have never used braided any pros or cons on it
  4. good to hear there are some fish still around, I made a bait launcher and cant wait to try it out. another question is there any place that will ship bait. I have to make these ice bait bullets to work in the launcher but i cant freeze stuff at the beach so i have to make them here
  5. I cant get to the island till march is it worth fishing then, I usually go June and september
  6. I do have a question about March or early april, what can you catch on the Island then ? is it worth the trip