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  1. On Monday 3/31 at 7 am on Versus. Hank Parker's Outdoors airing Dancing with Stripers. I don't know what Stripers, just hope it isn't Zebras.
  2. I know about SpringFest and Memorial Day on the beach. If I just happened to be in the area during the fest, I'd go to the island. Going there from Leesburg, VA on fest weekend, no way. I can do 4/26 much easier. Besides, it looks like the bite might be right on for that weekend (26th).
  3. Sport Fishing Magazine on Versus (DTV 603) has a show titled Northeast Stripers. It is dated 2008. They go out of Rudee Inlet and latch onto plenty of 30-40 pounders. Most on parachute rigs but one on a tossed jig/doetail combo. They had three on at one time and two rods had a double with cows on! Very pretty fish!
  4. Ok, North American Fisherman seems to be LMB, that's all I've seen and have canceled the recordings. World of Saltwater Fishing on ESPN-2 (Channel 72 on DTV Hi-Def) is pretty good. They fish off shore and in the mangroves of FL. The hosts are constantly teasing each other. They show the bait/lure, type of line, structure to fish and presentation. Texas Saltwater Series is on DTV ch 643, I don't get that channel or SUN on 632 (Mark Sosin's Saltwater Journal). Are they any good? I have seen stuff being added to DTV On Demand, it's new and they add more stuff everyday. I just don't have the sports package so I can't see the 2 channels above.
  5. Hunt for Big Fish on VS: Nice footage of big fish being caught but pretty shy on techniques and tackle. Non-passing grade. Sport Fishing Magazine on VS: Quite good on tools, techniques, locations and friendly to the newbie. Of course lots of different species being caught. Worth watching the series. I am focusing my watching pretty much on saltwater. There are far too many freshie shows to watch. I don't fish fresh anyway.
  6. Taking from another thread; I've recorded a few shows. I watched Outfitter's Journal and Outfitter's Almanac tonight. Both aired on DTV #606, Outdoor Network. I found both shows to be bland, noneducational and quite boring. I am recording a bunch of stuff, will report back. Oh! Saltwater Experience rocks!
  7. It's one of the nicest places to be..... The somewhat foggy mornings in the lagoons are one of the most beautiful things you will see. That together with the tailings and splashings just outside your visual range.... Kind'a make you go, where was that splash, which way do we paddle?
  8. Aw shucks, the poll is closed. I was hoping it would be mid-week. That would have bumped the votes up by one.....