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  1. anyone have any update on the action from shore/surf ? hoping to make it down next weekend (after thanksgiving).. was gonna try the inlet wall jetties and the surf right around there... have no clue which would be more productive....
  2. nice... i am now looking to hopefully go next weekend, the weekend after thankgsgiving, but will probably end up north of ocean city rather than assateague.. What are sea lice ? bad thing ?? read up on how to read the beach and look for rips and action, and not overcast the fish, although for some reason id still be tempted to throw one rod WAYYY out, and then throw my second rod out just past the breakers.. just a matter of what exact bait and rig to use... any suggestions ?
  3. question: if i go surf fishing in Delaware, how many rods can i fish at once ? And from what ive read, it sounds like it is legal to fish at night (from sunset to sunrise), is this correct ?
  4. Just found this site.. Looks like an awesome source!! As my screename implies, I love to fish but don't have a boat.. Have never even done any surf-fishing yet, but recently acquired 2 surf rods and got them spooled up ready to rock.. Thinking about driving down to the shore and giving it a go, but first want to make sure i do it completely legal.... know about the 2 rods per person, 2 hooks per rod, and i will definitely get my state saltwater recreational license (and FIN card), but will I need anything in addition to these ? if i try assateague, will i be able to setup camp for a day or two, and fish throughout the night ? Thanks much