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  1. I like the federal side as well ... not because of the better fishing but because they allow mans best friends (dogs and beer). This time of year I just have the dog but when it gets hot there ain't nothin' like a few frosty corona's with lime to cool you off while you are casting into the waves.
  2. My plans? To fish as often and in as many diverse places as possible as time allows. Last year I fished often but not in many different places mainly due to time constraints. I don't see the time constraints changing but I will try to fish in many different places.
  3. I like it. The site is lighter weight and loads much easier in my browser than the previous version did.
  4. I see you are a weekend warrior like me. Our home is in Crisfield but I work near BWI so we commute home on the weekends. It will take gas being a lot more for us to reconsider that because escaping the urba/suburban hell hole is too important to us. Sometimes you can't put a price on a peaceful soul. As far as fishing yes it affect me some. I have staved off going to AI / CI early looking for that early Striper/BLUE. I am staying close to home and fishing the areas close to me. I still will go afar to fish but weather/reports/tides etc will receive my scrutiny to try to make it as productive as possible. I too have a Diesel and unfortunately for it is a dually. I still get 18mpg out and about but when I bought it I did not realize that I could not get an ORV permit for AI Our Honda Odyssey gets 26 highway so it makes more trips to the shore now and the diesel stays back.
  5. She is a sweety ! I want to thank you for doing your part to help out dogs in need. I pray one day to win the mega-millions and open up a foster or 'days end' type of farm to take care of dogs that need a family. Yes I would hire people to come and play with them or something like that. We just got a new Sheltie puppy and plan to adopt another later this year. If I were to be a foster parent my house would become overrun with them so I have to keep myself from succumbing ... at least for the time being because we travel back and forth every week for work and two dogs might be too much. I just wanted to say congratulations and thank you !
  6. As mentioned check The basically frontend CareerBuilder and they own most of the newspapers around these parts. You may also want to look into lower Virginia shore as well around Accomack. The area down there is starting to pickup. Best of luck! I am in your boat as well, I work on the wrong side of the bay and live on the proper side. I only get to go home on weekends and holidays. Maybe some day ...
  7. Agreed. Bait does not just add weight but adds resistance/friction. I started conventional this year as well. I have yet to measure my distance but my confidence has grown considerably. I used to be so concerned about the birds nest ... now I am just concerned about fishing. Conventionals are the best for the surf!
  8. I hope your recovery goes well and you get back to fishing soon. As far as help all I know is that the old timers in the Chesapeake always say "If ain't Chartreuse it ain't no use". I don't tie alot but I do tie clousser minnows and a few bucktails. There is Green Chartreuse and Yellow Chartreuse so I would mix them together, along with white and black as a start. Lately the hot color at the Narrows (Kent Narrows) has been pink but thats in a Bass Assassin but I am sure a pink bucktail would attract the same attention.
  9. Eugene, Here is my latest striper rig. I can attest that it works great for sharks Now I run mono all the way so make adjustments to fit your style. 17# Suffix Tritanium mainline 40# shock leader (enough to wrap 4 times around the spool) I use a spider hitch to no-name to connect the main and the shock. (30-40 inches of) 80# bite leader/fish finder. I spider hitch the 40# and no-name it to the 80#. Before I attach the shock and bite leader I attach (snell or palomar knot) a large 10/0 - 15/0 circle hook to the 80# then I thread on a fish finder or lock swivel for the sinker then I add a bead. This gives you 30-40 inches of play in your FF rig and makes for an aerodynamic cast. I use large bunker heads on this type of setup. Dem stripers have huge mouths!
  10. We were towed in the last time we went out because my hydraulic steering hose popped and I could not steer her in. It's always something. just hope its not the last good fishing trip for the year !
  11. We left the dock at 1:00 pm travelling slow (16 knots) its about all we can muster anymore even on a flat day. Setup to drift just south of the bell when I realized I had the wind direction wrong. We drifted in 40'-50' of water before realizing we were heading for the hole and not the ledge so I moved over to the western dropoff just north of the bell bouy. We found a real nice slope and we anchored up in 36' of water. Being as how I have not caught much this year I was reluctant to cut up the spot as they were 9-11" but we finally got a few in the 6" range that I promptly sliced up and then the trout and blues suddenly became our best friends :eusa_angel: We headed back early as we were experiencing difficulties (again) and I had to make a last minute repair and limp in on 1 engine. Still we caught about 36 fish (we kept 26) in about 3.5 hours of fishing. We did manage several 16"+ trout which was really nice to see.
  12. Stay away. There seems to be a bunch of Ameriplan products/companies and they sau they are registered with the BBB. We had Dental Insurance / discount program with them. They were OK but my wife was approached like you and she did some research. Go look at the BBB website and see how many incarnations of the name there is and how many complaints each one gets. We think there is something fishy going on ... and it ain't the smell of the frying pan !
  13. Stay away from level wind reels for surf casting. Go with a penn 525Mag or Daiwa Slosh 30, SHA etc. They are great reels. This is my first year with them (my first with conventional for that matter) and I am doing well with them.
  14. Guys, sand spikes are cheap and easy. Go to home depot/Lowes and get the green metal fence posts. They are around $4.00. Get the 5 or 6 foot. Then get some PVC 16-24" use your best judgement and bolt it or heavily duct tape it to the end. The bottom of the post has a small cross section that you can use to put your shoe on to kind of jump on it to ride it into the sand. I can post a pic if needed. I assume most people have PVC and duct tape so the cost is just the post.
  15. I have a 15 but I find that me being vertically challenged (5' 8") I throw the 12's better and farther. I had a buddy that could crack a 15' spinner like no one else. So its really up to what you can handle. See if you have a buddy that you could fish with that has one and try casting it for a while to see if you like it. I haven't used my 15 in about 4 years (its a sea hawk fiberglass not an Ugly Stick)