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  1. Thanks for the response, it sucks I don't have a boat because my luck would be a bit better if I had one. All I've caught so far are cats, if I could catch a bluefish or flounder around augustine that be nice. Ill keep trying my luck and maybe head out there Tuesday night, ill be sure to give you a report on how I did
  2. Thank You!
  3. Hey, new to the forums, name is Trevor, hello to all. Just would like to get a report on what fish have been caught by you guys or have been biting on the route 9, Augustine Beach, Silver Run, Taylors Bridge, area. Last night around 11pm, I hooked a good size cat on silver run bridge right by augustine beach. I also caught a stupid eel, but plenty of other possible fish made their way off my hook at the last second . I'm heading down there again tonight, may head more towards Taylors Bridge area. I've been using night crawlers and catfish dough. I've heard of stripers of course, strurgeon, and some others in that area, anything else I should know about? Thanks guys, hope to hear some good fishing stories soon!