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  1. went to john henrys and bouthe 20lbs of bunker and ET wotking there said they would buy back any bait that was no good, i thought that was pretty good service although all my bunk was firm, its also pre salted
  2. General, the Ocean master 12' 6-12oz is a great rod. I have one paired with a penn 545 conventional and it launches a rig pretty good with plenty of backbone for sharks and them big ol butterfly rays. i also have the 10' ocean master 4-8oz with a penn 525 mag, that short pole till get you out there as well, hope this helps
  3. Thakns for the info, ill have to try John Henrys because i will be passing through cambridge when kool ice is closed, hope to see you all on the island
  4. ever since the best bait shop in OC closed (Harbor Tackle) Where do you get the fresh bunker at now. My buddy and I are heading to AI thursday night till sat and hate frozen bait, can anyone help me out?