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  1. hello all new to the forum but not new to fishing. Got into town on friday and stopped by John Henrys for FRESH bunker. Asked the grouchy lady about a salt water fishing license and was told ( we don't have them go to Walmart) and for a dozen fresh bunker and recieved 11, I did not count it until I got to the beach, it seemed firm until i found it frozen. Once it thawed it fell off the hook when casting. so fishing was done for the night. tried heads with no luck. left assateague and went back to henrys to ask about the fresh bunker, and older guy seemed nice enough until I complained about the bait. asked to speak to manager and was told to leave the store. WOW. Went too All Tackle no Bunker, picked up some fish bites to try to catch bait. On the way back to assateague just after passing Bucks, noticed a sign that said Bunker. I stopped and got a dozen of them. hit the beach, the bait was perfect, good and firm, clear eyes.. Had a great day on the beach caught 2 keepers stripers 29 and 37 inch, a dozen smooth dog fish and a butt load of skates and 1 17 inch blue fish.. sorry about the complaining just need to vent i guess.. I won't go back to John Henry's again GB