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  1. I went to Back Bay today and my Dad went to the bridge on Knotts Island. He made the right move. He ended up with a nice 23" stiper, a small cat and a few white perch. I ended up with a few puffers. Striper are still in till the end of April.
  2. On top of contacting your U.S House representative and asking them to support or co sponsor HR #4094. You can also sign this petition. Human Rights Petition: The U.S. Senate: Remove The "ORV Rule And Provide Free And Open Access" | .
  3. That was great, thanks for sharing.
  4. Me and Dad slammed the spot and specks at the narrows last weekend. So lets hope the NNE wind this weekend gets the bait and reds moving along the surf. Is Back Bay closed for a hunt this Saturday?
  5. A friend and I hit Back Bay from 0800-1400 today. We caught 15 blues in the 12"-15" range, two skates and a dogfish. We were fishing cut finger mullet on fish finders with 6/0 circle hooks. Almost all of the fish were caught on the incoming tide when the tide stated going out the fish disappeared. Lets hope the round head move in soon.