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  1. Today numerous Rockfish have be caught in the surf. Numerous,,,,Numerous,,,,Numerous !!!!!!! Black Drum have made their appearance.
  2. Hi ! Everyone I hope all had a great winter. I'm glad to see some nice fish being caught. I hope one has my name on it lol !! I have made some major changes to the store and still more to come over the next month and a half. We will have subs and sandwiches and fried chicken again. All made to order for you to take to the beach. I do have fresh bunker, fresh shucked sea clams, live minnows, live bloodworms, and live night crawlers. Good Luck Fishing for our big Rockfish !!! Thank You Shanan
  3. Hi Everyone!! I just wanted to post our first fish of the year caught by Mike Hastings of Berlin on New Years Day! which was a 29", 8 1/2lb Rockfish caught on frozen bunker in the surf and he also caught a Red Drum on 11/28/2009 that was 8 1/2lb and 26". I hope winter is going well for all. Thank you Shanan
  4. Hi Everyone The beach fishing has been great. I'm sorry I have lots of pictures to post and I will , but my time is limited at the moment. Lots of Rockfish and a few Black Drum this week , yesterday a gentleman got into bluefish 18" to 24". We just received plenty of bunkter just at this moment and we have fresh shucked sea clams. Thank You Shanan
  5. Hi Everyone !!! Fishing has picked up this week. Flounder have been hitting near OC airport. This week Peter Elliot of Berlin and Scott Rodriguez of Baltimore MD caught flounder 18 1/2" 2lbs and 19 1/2" and 2 3/4lbs on live minnows. Doug DeGrange of Berlin, MD caught a flounder 24 1/4" 4 1/4lbs on live minnows. Debbie Dowell caught a flounder on live minnows 18 1/4" 3lbs. In the Surf at AI Doug Trice caught a Rockfish 36" 22lbs on fresh bunker and Brian Hitchens caught a blackdrum on clams . I did hear of a couple of bluefish. On 04/30/09 Mike Hastings of Berlin, MD caught 4 Rockfish on fresh bunker in the surf at AI all fish were just under 28". Today Lee caught some smooth dogfish sharks and a 28" blackdrum he released on clams.
  6. Hi Everyone:hello: I'm hearing of a few flounder being caught. In the surf things are getting better. Rockfish and blackdrum have been caught this week. Today George Trout caught 2 blowfish and a kingfish 14 1/4" on bloodworms. Nice to see kings and blowfish adding more variety to our fishing selection. We have fresh ocean bunker, bloodworms, nightcrawlers, and live minnows. Thank you Shanan
  7. Low tide was good last year. The 33" caught on friday we were told about at the store at 7:15pm High was around 2:30 so I would guess it was the outgoing. And the two rock caught Sat looks like they were caught on the incoming high. I think you just need to find a hole and it seems to be easier to find them on low tide. Thanks Shanan
  8. I hope the weather is good for you tomarrow Dave. We just got fresh bunker in this morning . Yesterday Bill Justice AMSA President caught a 26" striper on fresh bunker. We also heard of a 36" striper caught, but i'm not sure who caught it. Thanks Shanan
  9. Congrats Brandon on being the President of S.D.H.S. Fishing Club. You are well worthy of the job you are a very good young fisherman.
  10. I haven't heard of any nice size flounder yet. Several people have gone out this morning. We did have Bill Greenwood tell us last night he caught a 33" rockfish on fresh bunker he got from us in the surf at AI. Yeah!! for Sunshine Thanks Shanan
  11. Thank you trimlc !!! Hi Everyone:hello: Flounder season is finally in a few were caught behind Assateague this week. On 4/10/09 Lamont Hilbert caught two short rocks south of the Assateague bridge on bucktails. He also saw one keeper caught. In the surf still only doggies and skates. Come on Rockfish and drum. Mr. Wilburt caught a 10lb catfish and some crappie at whitin crossing. Ayres creek a few perch have been hitting. Congratulations to Stephen Decatur High School on the new fishing club they have started. I heard about 60 students showed for the meeting. I did get in fresh bunker , bloodworms, nightcrawlers and live minnows today. Finally the SUN has come out. Have a good weekend fishing. Thank you Shanan:fish:
  12. Hi Everyone:eusa_hand: I know everyone is dying to catch a Rockfish or Red Drum on the surf. Still all I've heard are Doggies and Skates at AI. Rockfish have been caught south of Assateague bridge and North of 90 bridge. Tog have been caught off the bulkhead and north jetty OC. Flounder season is getting closer. They have been hitting heavy ing VA. We got fresh ocean bunker in yesterday and should have more today, Live minnows, night crawlers and bloodworms. Have a Happy Easter!!!! Shanan:angel2:
  13. Hi Everyone:hello: This past week off the surf at AI seems to be Doggies and Skate. I heard of a Rockfish near the Rt 50 bridge, but I didn't see anything, just hear say. At Shad Landing last weekend they caught some nice catfish and crappie have also been caught. We have fresh ocean bunker now , minnows, bloodworms and nightcrawlers. Hopefully the weather will keep getting better. Thanks Shanan:fish:
  14. HI everyone!!!!!! I did just get some fresh cob mullet in and hopefully some live minnows tomarrow. I haven't heard of anything being caught on the beach. They are netting some perch in nets. Happy Valentine's Day Shanan