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  1. Nice to hear a report! Glad you got into those tasty kings.
  2. Sorry - I had to create a new thread because the original thread was having issues. Please repost.
  3. I just got a text from someone who just had a big drum in the wash and the line broke. OUCH!
  4. They don't usually bother me, even if they are biting. I have noticed over the past few months they have been getting much bigger and I am feeling the bite more. Those things and Bull sharks are going to take over the world! Gotta love evolution.
  5. Has anyone been fishing the surf lately? Those Stripers on steroids (Red Drum) should be here any day!
  6. Big boys are in town! Nice job and thanks for the reports.
  7. That was my biggest draw to summer time fishing - the unknown, unstoppable beasts.. Got a few on the sand, but there were a few that wouldn't have any of it.
  8. Those blues on light tackle are so much fun. Especially when the hit artificial. 😀
  9. I've been pretty jammed up with other projects, but I am hoping to sneak out for a few days next week.
  10. To those dedicated to this site, the big girls have shown up! David Moore is the man.