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  1. Big boys are in town! Nice job and thanks for the reports.
  2. That was my biggest draw to summer time fishing - the unknown, unstoppable beasts.. Got a few on the sand, but there were a few that wouldn't have any of it.
  3. Those blues on light tackle are so much fun. Especially when the hit artificial. 😀
  4. I've been pretty jammed up with other projects, but I am hoping to sneak out for a few days next week.
  5. To those dedicated to this site, the big girls have shown up! David Moore is the man.
  6. Good luck! It should be a nice day. Let us know how you make out.
  7. Good to see you again rattletrap! I will tell Samuel for sure. He's still pumped up.
  8. Great memories were made today! After two days of learning the art of casting, digging sand fleas, baiting hooks and waiting, Samuel landed his first fish from the surf. This short striper, however was not the highlight of his day... About an hour before this pic was taken, Samuel experienced his first hard take down. I mean rod bending in half and line peeling! Before I could even speak, he was out of his chair and putting his back into it, reeling and tugging. On light tackle, he fought a big black drum into the wash. As I ran for the camera, Dave went into the wash to help land it. As he grabbed the fish, the line snapped and the outgoing wave knocked it out of his hands. After a brief fumble, the black got it's bearings and headed east right into the next wave. We were all elated and heart broken at the same time. Fighting a big fish in the surf for the first time is an amazing feeling that never goes away and I'm glad I was there to see it happen for my son. A big thanks to David Moore for helping with the gear, moral support and so much more. I'm so proud of my boy.. Three days of hard fishing and not one complaint or grumble. A born fisherman through and through.
  9. Found the infamous worms while cleaning a black drum tonight. I found two in the bloodline and were very easy to remove. Apparently they are harmless when cooked with the fish and often eaten by accident. The drum this was caught in was about 26". Anyone else ever find these?
  10. Perfect day on Assateague island! It's shaping up to be a fantastic year!
  11. Good seeing you again Scott! We were non stop all day with big blues. Epic day.