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    Surf Fishing at Myrtle Beach in December

    I will be at Myrtle beach at the end of December and was looking forward to doing some surf or pier fishing.What are the chances of catching ANYTHING this time of year?Bait or tackle to use????Any info would be appreciated

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    Welcome to the forum!
    You'll find plenty to catch all along the SE US in the fall/winter.
    You can use a standard top/bottom rig or a fishfinder rig. Use anything from a 1/0 - 5/0 circle hook tipped with local chunk of bait fish. Toss it out in the first trough, no need to skyrocket it out a mile.

    You can do a search on here for many variables and find all kinds of good info.

    Let us know how you do!

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    I think for a guide that depends on the bite, there isn't much out there. As for an individual that doesn't depend on the bite to pay my bills, I have found enough to keep me occupied.

    The same holds true all the way down the east coast. You won't fill the coolers but you stand a good chance of getting a few to play with.

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